Anticipare -commissioned by the State of Nebraska (University of Nebraska Omaha)
Intervallum-commissioned by the State of Nebraska (University of NE Omaha)
Possibility Dragon - for Mayor Schaaf w Lowney Arch. Oakland, CA
"Portrait of Oshun" and "Blesses" for Agapolis in Portola Valley, CA
Dogfight - Permanent installation for the Corsair Building, New Haven CT
Star Sailor - Onizuka Crossing, Sunnyvale, CA
Phases - Installation and Solo Exhibition with Art Works Downtown.  San Rafael, CA
Knot Language - Installation at the Sausalito Library.  Sausalito, CA
Into the Valley of Heart's Delight - Stamford, CT
Brooklyn Ivy - Northside Piers, Williamsburg, NYC
Daydreaming in the Valley of Heart'sDelight Pt 2 - Ridgewood Times, Queens

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Star Sailor at Onizuka Crossing

Ellison Onizuka was a Japanese American astronaut from Kealakekua, Hawaii who died in the destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986. This art piece is named “Star Sailor” (from the roots of the word ‘astronaut’) to pay homage to Ellison Onizuka's love of deep sea fishing, his home state of Hawaii, and his achievements with NASA. This piece explores the parallel harmonies of the deep sea and deep space through Col. Onizuka’s relationship to them.