I maintain a broader definition of “tape” including off the shelf varietals found in hardware and art stores across the globe, custom manufactured rolls and original silk screened textures printed on luxurious papers with adhesive backings produced in the studio. Thus the palette does not blend as paint blends, but is drawn with a knife and assembled (akin to woodblock printers).

The Tapings are built on translucent drafting film and framed between two plates of plexiglass. Backlit, the interplay of positive to negative is revealed in the luminescent joinery.

Fantastical Cities

Homage to Hiroshige

© 2020 Raylene Gorum

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50 Murray St, NYC

A proposal to appropriate vernacular graffiti at an enormous scale onto the windows of a downtown building. It challenges the battle between landlords, territory markingwhile acknowledging the inherent beauty of these patterns A limited edition of silk screened prints on white, silver and gold paper in variable colors with unique tape embellishments